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Learning in the Museum

Planning and preparation.
When you are planning a historical or heritage theme, do contact us. We are able to offer advice in planning and preparing. This is a free service and includes a tour of the Museum and a viewing of the loan boxes.
Role play and Handling Artefacts.
We provide first hand active learning sessions for Class groups in the Discovery centre or the Museum galleries and sets. We also offer power-point photo support with these themes. The children handle artefacts, documents, photos and maps.
Supporting heritage learning in schools.
We are happy to research the archives to support other heritage themes schools want to pursue. Most recently we have provided support for themes such as Health and Hygiene, and Crime and Punishment as well as contributing to Special Heritage days in schools.
Study Loan Boxes.
These artefact boxes are available on loan to schools. We also offer themed materials. These latter can be varied to suit the school's needs. We are happy to discuss new themes with schools also.