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Situated just out of the centre of Richmond, the exciting museum tells the story of the town and the surrounding areas from its early beginnings right up to the present. The museum is situated on a slight hill with a gradual approach, this is a cobbled access road which has a narrow path. We are a VASQAS approved museum. The museum is based over three floors with lift access throughout. You should allow abount 1.5 hours to go around the museum to make the most of all areas. Stewards are on hand throughout the museum to give assistance where required.

For full details and maps of how to reach us please see the Location section of our website. Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website using our postcode which is DL10 4JA to get directions. The nearest train station is located 11 miles away in Darlington, County Durham but we are connected well by bus routes to both the train station and surrounding areas. Timetables for these can be found online.

Car Parking and Arrival
Parking is extremely limited onsite but can be made available on request. There are a number of free spaces within the town centre with a parking disk and in Nuns Close car park at a small hourly charge. There is space outside the museum that can be used as a drop off point with no curbs. The main entrance has a paved footpath which is wide enough for wheelchair access and no steps.

Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area
The entrance, ticket and shop area are on the ground floor with no steps and a thin pile carpet surface. It is level throughout and there is a seat for visitor use. We also have additional seating just outside the entrance with two lovely benches. This area is well lit, other parts of the museum have more subdued light for the preservation of items on display. The counter is a low desk which is easily accessible to wheelchair users. Magnifying glasses, pens and paper can be available on request.

Attraction (displays, exhibits, etc.)
Interpretation boards are all in standard text, and have pictorial representation where applicable. Most are at a maximum top height of 165cm. Most cabinets can be seen at 115cm eye level; there are only two that cannot. A visitor map is given upon arrival to assist with the exploration of the museum but there is no definitive way to enjoy the space; it is much more; look and explore. There is an introductory video that can be played upon request to set the scene of Richmondshire social history. A selection of Quizzes are available on request for children of all ages and our education program runs a rolling selection of events throughout the season.

Public Toilets
The toilets are on the first floor but are easily accessible by the lift. There are both male and female toilets; however the toilet marked for ladies is suitable for wheelchair use and is intended for unisex use. A baby changing mat is avaiable on request.

The shop is located within the entrance and is easily accessible; members of staff are always happy to help. There is no background music in the shop and the counter is not behind glass or any other partition.

Additional Information
The staff have not received any specific disability training but are all caring individuals who are always more than happy to help. There is an evacuation plan on the visitor map and the alarm has a loud sound and flashing red lights; emergency exit signage is easily visible.

Future Plans
To have large print / braille copies of all information.
Staff training to improve support for visitors.